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Now Open, A letter to our Patients

Cosmetic Dentistry – West Bloomfield Township, MI

Improving Aesthetics and Boosting Confidence


Wishing your smile looked more like one of your favorite Hollywood movie stars? Think the possibilities of having a showstopping smile are out of reach? Well, guess what? They’re not thanks to LakeView Family Dental’s cosmetic dentistry services! From porcelain veneers and teeth whitening to direct bonding and Invisalign, you can say goodbye to the imperfections plaguing your smile and say hello to a new and improved look that will have you the envy of friends and family. With cosmetic dentistry in West Bloomfield, you can, once again, feel good about the way you look. To find out how you can get started, contact us today!

Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Woman pointing to her teeth

When trying to decide who should perform certain cosmetic procedures, you may find yourself building a list of criteria for this individual to meet. Some of these may include educational and professional background, experience, before and after success stories, technology used, and even timeframe for treatment. No matter what you consider to be important when seeking the right cosmetic dentist, you can trust that our team at LakeView Family Dental are highly-trained and equipped to help you reach your goals.

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Smile Makeovers

woman looking at her teeth in mirror

We understand you might feel as if your smile will never come back from all the chips, cracks, stains, and years of damage, but that’s simply not true. By coming to us for a smile makeover, we can completely transform your smile into something beautiful. Your dentist in West Bloomfield will discuss your goals and craft a personalized treatment plan that addresses each issue, putting you one step closer to seeing dramatic, life-changing results.

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Porcelain Veneers

Woman's smile compared with tooth color chart

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that our team can use to cover chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, gaps, minor misalignments, crooked or misshapen teeth. Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic solutions and can be applied in just two visits. Your smile will go from drab to fab in no time at all, allowing you to feel more confident in the way you interact with others.

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Metal-Free Restorations

Dental crowns prior to placement

Need added protection for a weakened tooth? At LakeView Family Dental, we offer metal-free restorations in the form of fillings, crowns, bridges, and more. There’s no need to worry about toxic metals or possible sensitivities when having these restorations put into place. Instead, our biocompatible, hypoallergenic materials are healthier for both you and the environment.

Direct Bonding

Man with attractive smile

If you’re looking to cover only a small or minor flaw on one or a few of your teeth, you might opt for a more conservative, less invasive procedure known as direct bonding. Using composite resin that is matched to your natural tooth color, a member of our team will apply it directly onto your tooth enamel and sculpt it in place. This will effectively cover the imperfection and give you a fully restored smile.


Man with attractive smile

Whether you have overcrowded teeth, spaces between your teeth, or a bite alignment issue, Invisalign clear aligners are a great alternative to traditional metal braces. Offering flexibility, subtlety, and quicker results, Invisalign gently moves your teeth into place without compromising your daily appearance. So, whether you’re a working professional or stay-at-home parent who simply wants a more discreet treatment, Invisalign may just be for you.

Teeth Whitening

Closeup of smile half before and half after whitening

At LakeView Family Dental, we are pleased to offer our patients teeth whitening solutions that meet their individual needs. With in-office treatments, you can see results in as little as an hour. If you prefer to whiten your teeth on your own time, at home, we can provide you with customized kits that will have you seeing a noticeable difference in the color of your smile in around two weeks. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be happy you chose professional teeth whitening over some store-bought brand.

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Gum Recontouring

Closeup of healthy teeth and gums

Maybe it’s not your teeth that have you upset with your smile but instead, it is your gums. Excess soft tissue can leave you vulnerable to gum disease, which is why we can provide gum recontouring to remove your “gummy” smile and create a more aesthetically pleasing look. 

SureSmile Clear Aligners

woman in white sweater holding SureSmile clear aligner

As an alternative to traditional braces, we offer a system of clear aligners known as SureSmile. These conveniently removable trays subtly shift your teeth into a straight position in a fraction of the time as metal braces. Not only are they more comfortable than braces, but they are also practically unnoticeable. Onlookers shouldn’t even be able to tell you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment at all!

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

person taking a selfie and smiling

If you’re sick of the variety of imperfections distracting from your otherwise healthy smile, cosmetic dentistry treatments can help. Not only can they boost your self-esteem and help you get the most out of social situations, but they can also improve your oral health. To make you feel confident about visiting your dentist in West Bloomfield Township to learn about how you can improve the look of your grin, we’ve compiled some common questions that we get from patients.

What are the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Depending on what cosmetic imperfections you’d like to fix or conceal, we offer a variety of different treatments. Patients often visit us for professional teeth whitening, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers. Teeth whitening helps get rid of surface stains that are distracting and can cause people to believe you have poor oral hygiene. We realize this always isn’t the case, which is why we offer this fast and confidence-boosting treatment.

If you’re suffering from cracked or broken teeth, dental bonding is a cost-effective and easy way to repair them so you can have a completed smile. Lastly, porcelain veneers help do it all by improving severe discoloration, misalignment, crowding, and many other issues. To find out which is right for you, be sure to contact us today.

Can cosmetic treatment improve my oral health?

Many patients don’t look into getting cosmetic treatments because they believe they’re purely for aesthetic purposes. You may be surprised to know that there are also health benefits you can get from these treatments as well. When you suffer from misalignment and crowding, plaque and harmful oral bacteria can more easily accumulate and cause common oral health issues like cavities and infection. By straightening your smile and repairing your teeth with procedures such as dental bonding and porcelain veneers, you can easily keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Does insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

While each patient’s insurance benefits vary greatly, typically, cosmetic procedures aren’t covered. The best way to find out is to contact your insurance provider and ask. At LakeView Family Dental, we offer an in-house savings plan, financing options, and even a patient referral program so our patients can get the high-quality treatment they deserve without sacrificing their monthly budget. The best way to find out what we can do for you is to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to help you get the funding you need.

Who can benefit from cosmetic treatment?

The look of your smile can have more of an impact on you than you may think. If you’ve ever looked at your grin and felt a bit down, then cosmetic dentistry in West Bloomfield Township is right for you. In fact, low self-esteem can keep you from going out, doing what you enjoy, and establishing connections with new people. At LakeView Family Dental, we offer several different cosmetic treatments for patients who are looking for a brighter, healthier, and more complete grin. We’re committed to customizing each of our patients’

treatment plans. You can take the first step towards reaching your smile desires by scheduling a consultation today.

Get Your Dream Smile Today!

You can get the picture-perfect smile you’ve always wanted with the help of your cosmetic dentist. No matter what type of imperfections you’re dealing with, our team at LakeView Family Dental will be happy to assist in identifying and caring for your individual needs so you can not only look but also feel great about your smile. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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