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Now Open, A letter to our Patients

Emergency Dentistry – West Bloomfield, MI

Urgent Dental Care Right When You Need It

A young woman holding her cheek in pain and in need of an emergency dentist in West Bloomfield

Dental emergencies, just like any other, always occur when they are least expected and require immediate attention when they do. If you or a loved one are dealing with a dental injury or severe tooth pain, you can always contact your emergency dentist in West Bloomfield at LakeView Family Dental to get the fast and professional care you need. We’re happy to offer same-day appointments for emergency patients, so they’re able to get what they need and return to their lives as quickly as possible.

Why Choose LakeView Family Dental for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

A middle-aged man wearing a dress shirt and holding his hand up to his mouth because of pain

Unsure of how to handle some of the most common dental emergencies? Before you begin to panic or worry that your smile will never be the same, our team has compiled some useful tips to help you while at home. Once you contact us, you’ll need to follow the recommendations below to ensure your situation does not worsen while waiting to arrive at our office.


If you have a piece of food lodged between your teeth, try using waxed dental floss to gently remove it. You might also use a water flosser to push the object out. If this does not prove successful or you discover there is nothing lodged but are still suffering from a serious toothache, contact us as soon as possible. There may be an underlying issue that requires root canal therapy or another form of treatment.


Chipped/Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth will often leave behind jagged or rough edges that can easily irritate soft oral tissues. To prevent sores from developing or additional harm to your mouth, use dental wax to cover these areas. You should also gather any broken pieces and bring them with you to your appointment.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Don’t wait to seek help for a knocked-out tooth. Time is of the essence, so you will need to alert us immediately. Simply retrieve the tooth by the crown and rinse it off before attempting to put it back into your mouth. If you are unable to reinsert it, place it in a container of milk or between your cheek and gums to keep the tooth moist. If seen within the hour, we may be able to save the tooth.

Lost Filling/Crown

If faced with a crown or filling that has fallen out of your mouth, you can use a small portion of dental cement to put it back into place. This is only a temporary fix, and you should avoid chewing on that side of your mouth until you can see our team. Once in our office, we will be able to permanently bond the filling and/or crown, creating a stronger seal.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

A young woman in front of her bathroom mirror brushing her teeth

If you’d rather prevent a dental emergency from occurring, which we all do, there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk and maintain a healthier, more beautiful smile, including:

Learn More About How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

A young woman seated in the dentist’s chair holding her face in pain

At LakeView Family Dental, we don’t want you worrying about anything but your oral health. Unfortunately, we also realize that is impossible because any kind of dental care comes with a cost. Fortunately, most dental insurance companies agree to cover many types of restorative treatments. Although, coverage percentages will vary, so you will need to contact a representative to discuss how much you can expect to pay out of pocket for your dental emergency treatment.

Learn More About the Cost of Dental Emergencies

Unparalleled Experience & Qualifications

A young woman sitting back in a dentist’s chair and smiling while the dentist provides personalized care

Our practice is extremely fortunate to have a team of expert dentists on staff, many with decades of experience. Whatever your emergency may be, you can trust that at least one of them has handled it countless times before. In addition to general dentists, we also have an in-house periodontist who can treat soft tissue injuries as well as a lab technician who can create custom-made restorations in-house to rebuild damaged teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Models of the inside of a tooth to show the root and its structure

Most of the time, a cavity only affects the outer layer of a tooth (the enamel), but if it’s left untreated for long enough, it can easily reach and infect the sensitive inner layer (dental pulp). This is where the tooth’s nerve is located, and as you can imagine, any issue here can cause quite a bit of pain. To provide relief from this kind of problem and save the tooth, our answer will likely be root canal therapy. We’ll simply remove the infected tissue, clean the tooth, and then rebuild the enamel with a restoration. Thanks to modern-day dental techniques, most patients say the procedure is no more uncomfortable than getting a small filling.

Learn More About Root Canal Therapy

Tooth Extractions

A digital image of an impacted wisdom tooth that is causing immense pain

As dentists, our goal is to help our patients preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible. However, in certain situations, the best thing to do is simply remove a problem tooth, such as:

At LakeView Family Dental, we’re able to provide all types of extractions in-house, including those for wisdom teeth. Using a light touch, local anesthetic, and sedation if needed, we can make sure our extraction patients can remain comfortable from beginning to end.

Learn More About Tooth Extractions

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

An older man holding his cheek and in pain as a result of a toothache

Are you still left wondering what you should do in case a dental emergency occurs? When you contact our office, we’ll provide you with over-the-phone first-aid guidance and walk you through every step of the way until you reach our practice. For your convenience, we’ve also answered some common questions that we receive from our patients below.

How can I bring down facial swelling?

You may notice your face beginning to swell if you experience trauma or a severe tooth infection. To help with the puffiness, you can place a cold compress onto your cheek for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, for up to an hour at a time. This will also help ease any pain caused by your oral health problem by preventing the pain-sensing nerves from traveling to your brain as quickly to register your discomfort. If the swelling has begun to impact your ability to breathe easily or swallow, be sure to visit your local emergency room as soon as possible.

Will my toothache go away on its own?

As much as every one of our patients would like to put off a visit to their emergency dentist in West Bloomfield Township, it’s not a good decision to wait until the pain subsides on its own. Toothaches are often a symptom of a severe infection. After waiting long enough, you may notice that you can’t feel pain anymore, but this is likely because the nerves inside of your tooth have died due to the progression of the infection. This will likely mean that your natural tooth can’t be salvaged, and you’ll need to have it removed. When you visit our office sooner rather than later, we’ll have a better chance of preserving your smile and fixing the infection with less invasive treatment.

Do I need a root canal?

Root canal therapy is often used to address the infected pulp inside of a tooth that’s causing severe toothaches. Although this treatment has a reputation of being scary and painful, that’s not the case at all. When you visit our office and we’re able to determine that the cause of your discomfort is due to infected pulp, we’ll outline a root canal treatment plan and walk you through the procedure. Before it begins, we’ll administer a local anesthetic to the area, so you won’t feel an ounce of pain throughout the treatment.

Should I visit the ER or an emergency dentist?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where your pain is stemming from, making it hard to decide whether to visit your emergency dentist or local ER. Even though our office is equipped with the latest technology and a skilled dentist in West Bloomfield Township, there are some life-threatening situations that we can’t address, such as broken or fractured jawbones, deep facial lacerations, or any issue that is impacting your ability to easily swallow or breathe. These situations all require immediate visits to your emergency room.

After you receive the medical care necessary, contact our office to schedule an emergency appointment so we can take care of your smile!

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