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Now Open, A letter to our Patients

Root Canal Therapy – West Bloomfield, MI

An End to Your Tooth Pain

woman holding jaw in pain

When you’re dealing with intense tooth pain, you can suddenly find yourself with two problems: a throbbing toothache and anxiety about possibly needing root canal therapy. At LakeView Family Dental, we understand that the thought of the “dreaded” root canal can be troubling. That’s why you’re encouraged to continue reading. We’ll explain how simple the process is and why, in the capable hands of one of our dentists, you have nothing to fear. Therefore, you can get on with receiving the vital care you need.

Why Choose LakeView Family Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

How Root Canal Therapy Works

inside of tooth exposed root canals

When you arrive at our office, your appointment will begin with one of our highly-trained team members capturing digital X-Rays, which provide us with accurate and instant photos. Then, your dentist in West Bloomfield will administer local anesthesia to numb the treatment site to ensure you have a pain-free experience.

Here’s what you can expect to happen next:

With your tooth fully restored, you’ll leave our office feeling like a brand-new person.

Signs That Root Canal Therapy is Needed

woman receiving root canal therapy

The leading cause of severe tooth pain is prolonged bacteria growth. If the harmful microorganisms are allowed to develop unfettered, they leave a path of destruction everywhere they travel. Therefore, once they latch onto teeth and start the decay process, they will remain on course until they reach the root canals and nerves of the tooth, causing acute discomfort. They won’t stop there, though. The bacteria can eventually infect the blood that permeates the gums, which can lead to a host of life-threatening issues.

Therefore, it’s important to contact our West Bloomfield office at the first site of such warning signs as swollen gums, dark discoloration of a tooth, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold, or pain that doesn’t subside. By taking swift action, you can recover faster and get relief from the discomfort.

Benefits of Receiving Root Canal Therapy

woman in dentist chair thumbs up

Undergoing root canal therapy in West Bloomfield does more than just ease tooth pain; it also prevents tooth loss by addressing the decay before it can destroy the bone, ligaments and other connective tissues that maintain your tooth’s position. Additionally, with the placement of a tooth-colored porcelain crown, you’ll have an aesthetically-pleasing smile to accompany your fully-functional tooth.

That means no more worrying about what types of foods you eat or the possibility of developing an even worse infection (referred to as an abscess). Your path, then, to recovery starts by simply reaching out to our office to schedule an emergency care visit so one of our LakeView Family Dental dentists can examine you and design the perfect plan for recovery.

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